The form of business has been diversified, in which flexible changes and speed are inevitable elements. Aiming for further expansion, many enterprises have been making headway not only by themselves but in cooperation with multiple companies within and outside their field.

A licence business consists of a joint development between the brand or character's copyright holder, and the manufacturer of each kind of industry. The former is referred to as the Licenser and the latter as the Licensee. Making a licence contract between the Licenser and the Licensee will enable them to use the Licensee's merchandizing impact as well as the image and
publicity of their brand or character, which will lead to further development of new items. That's how values and lifestyles fitting the brand can be proposed.

The Licenser will not only gain royalty revenue by the licence, but will bear no risks related to deadstock or product development in expanding their brand or character's items. This will lead to further development for the presence of the brand and obtain new customers from different sections. The Licensee will use the brand or character's image and name recognition to design and develop products, and aim to increase their sales.

It will also take a relatively shorter time to create an item in a high-quality finished form compared to planning and developing a new brand from the very beginning. Also from the marketing point of view, a good brand image and high publicity will work in favor of introducing its products into open markets such as department stores.

As a copyright managing company in this licence business, VISIONS Inc. is ready to make connections between the Licenser and the Licensee according to the market needs.

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