Digital Information Revolution, which is often referred to as the third@revolution
after Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions in the human@history.
Innovative changes in "hardware" and "software" have already started,
covering all areas including industry, lifestyle and culture.

What the world needs now are fresh, epoch-making visions to build the 21st century.

As a film work can be utilized as various merchandizing tools
from a theatre release to video and DVD formats,
and also to digital satellite broadcasting,
it is essential to have unique creative thinking and concepts free from
conventional ideas in order to create high-valued added products and businesses.
With the intellectual property business at the core,
we have been expanding producing operations of business and product development
beyond the boundaries of the movie, music, fashion, games, and art industries.

To the future: expansion of our visions.

VISIONS Inc. will continuously work to develop into new fields.

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